Welcome to an Australian First ...... Motorhome Syndication Company.......

Have you ever dreamed of travelling throughout Australia and New Zealand exploring all the beautiful sites in your very own motor home? 

Until now, you have had to purchase a motorhome personally for hundreds of thousands of dollars to only park it in the street or store it, until you have time off or a gap for that ominous planned "Aussie outback" trip. All that capital tied up and depreciating without use everyday......When you speak to the most adventurous people ,they all agree, it is on everyones bucket list .They all say: "When I'm older thats what I'll do"......and for a fraction of the price it can be right NOW. Why wait??

Motor Home Syndication Australia (MHSA) is Australia’s FIRST AND ONLY motor home syndication business.

The company offers shared ownership for people who enjoy exploring, relaxing and spending quality time with friends and family for a fraction of the price and hassle of outright ownership.


The new plan provides ownership of a motor home, up to three months of travel time, which can be broken into multiple trips, shared ongoing costs such as insurance and maintenance and a guaranteed return on investment when the vehicle is sold.

Each member of a syndicate actually owns a share of a motor home. Owners pay a set price to buy a share and then contribute to the management of the program and running costs such as registration, insurance, regular servicing and garaging.

Owners  book times to use their motor home under an equitable plan that ensures a fair share of peak travel periods and travel legs.

MHSA offers even more flexibility in its booking program by allowing members to swap motor homes and booking times.

We offer state of the art motor homes, such as Winnebago and Talvor, which are all equipped with modern facilities, including bedding, oven and stove top, air conditioning, toilet & shower facilities, flat screen TV’s so you will be travelling in style!!

We look forward to having you on board and seeing you set off on your adventure creating life long memories!!

Typical Syndicate ownership:

  • 1 x travel Leg , 1 /8th share 28 days per year
  • 3 x travel Leg ,1/4th share 70 days per year
  • 8 x travel legs per year [see how it works]
  • 4 year ownership
  • Net proceeds of the sale at term are divided evenly amongst each owner, NO EXIT FEE.
  • Bookings are administered via an online booking system
  • Nominations process – we facilitate a process so bookings are allocated on a fair basis - not first in first served basis!.
  • Full training provided
  • Comprehensive Motor home management program
  • Full engine manufacturers maintenance and service package
  • You will see 50% of Australia in 4 years.